Jack "The Hammer" Hamm

The GOAT of golf! The Hammer has six world records for the longest drive in golf! He has 6 World Records listed at 406 yards, 458 yards all carry, 473 yards total distance, 1,012 airport runway yards, 422 yards in Japan and a 162MPH clubhead speed.He has changed the game of golf with the most innovative golf technology in the world.

Jack Hamm is a legend in golf. From a small town with big dreams, Jack went from swinging his wooden golf clubs in the front yard of his childhood home to an international sensation. In 1980, Jack developed the “Hammer Technique” golf swing. He was studying engineering at Western Michigan University and heavily immersed himself in the laws of physics. Jack applied his education to his golf game and unlocked an ingenious technique. Jack has spent the last 30 years helping golfers around the world with his dynamite technology and methodology.

BOOOOOOOM! It’s Hammer Time!

  • 6- Time World Record Long Drive Champion
  • #1 Golf Club Designer in the world
  • Master’s degree in engineering
  • Designed, manufactured, marketed, and sold millions of golf products for over 30 years
  • Only human alive to average 400 yard off the tee
  • Drives have 11 seconds of hang time
  • Created the “Grip It and Rip It”
  • Hits an 8 iron 260 yards every time
  • Holds 10 patents